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Raymond – Jan 20, 2021

Hey this is my trucking member R6147015129536 perth post office been long time where’s my money 💰 back I returned the chairs cover I need the answer please other ways I destroyed facebook and twitter I give you bad name solve this problem as soon as 🔜 possible

Miguel – Jul 21, 2020

Victim Location 43211

Total money lost $59.65

Type of a scam Online Purchase Advertises stretch chair & sofa covers, all different patterns. they say free shipping if you order 6 or more. also they ship out in 2-3 days. gave me a fake tracking number for USPS. said it had transferred to fedex. there was no such number when I tried to check. ordered on 7.10.20. still have no details on the shipment. advertised on Facebook No address or phone, just website.



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  1. Susan E Hunter says:

    I ordered pillow covers from this company. Their email confirmation showed that they were sending the wrong color covers. Not the color I needed. Unable to find any way to contact them. Tried their chat line and emailing messages. After 2 days still no reply from them. No phone number available. Their web addresses do not work. I will have to cancel payment from my credit card company. Supposedly you can cancel an order within 24 hours but they provide no way for you to do this. Company appears to be a scam.

  2. I ordered a slip cover and hace not received it. I ordered it in June. This website is a scam

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