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Alan –

Victim Location 91343

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I found the website to purchase a cat. the website had NO direct contact info…just inquiry form. After multiple information exchange I agreed to pay a Industry standard "Holding" fee of $200 for the kitten and $200 Airfare. Money exchange was through MoneyGram. The potential seller was unwilling to give me more information like "breeding license, kitten health check, additional info and photos of the parents or at least a contract ect. After I pressed to provide me with at least a Veterinary contact, I got that and called. A guy pretending to be the vet. (I suspect it was the fake breeder) talk to me and answered my question about this particular cat and that "The Breeder Tonkin Bana is his client. Calling the "Veterinary Office" back the next day…the number did not existed any longer. I was supposed to pick up the cat at Los Angeles Airport when I received a confirmation number and not to pay an extra $750 Dollar climate controlled cage. Icalled that cargo company and had a very unfriendly pushy person on the other end that tried to bully me in transfering money to MoneyGram (why not Credit Card I ask). To verify I contacted Los Angeles Airport Cargo Department and they told me in those words. " It is a scam. The airline do not exist or the cargo company. $750 Dollar for a special cage is a fraud". At this point I was done. I terminated the deal and ask for my money back (since I did not reseived the kitten). From this moment..all tel.numbers of the Vet,Seller,Cargo was dead.


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