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Lawrence –

Victim Location 66749

Total money lost $20,512

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Magnum Realty broker, Alexander Charles Miller called us regarding selling out Time Share. Said he had a buyer. We proceeded. Told our money from the sale would go into Capital Transfer Associated until the sale was complete then would be wired to us from the Citibanamex. The next thing we were told we would have to pay up front to get the naturalization and Tax identification completed and would be reimbursed by the buyer and placed in our account. This was done (on paper?). Then came a notice that we owed for State Taxes and money was requested and given, also to be reimbursed by the buyer. Again done (on paper). Next came the need for Legal and Recording Fees also to be paid by the buyer. Again (on paper?) Finally closing date arrived May 18. Came and went. On May 22 a wire was sent from our bank to Capital Transfer Associated for our funds to be transferred to us. On May 23, we received noticed from Capital Transfer that the funds were at the border of Mexico due to the fact that the broker, Mr Miller had went over the date and they had get a new closing date and number to continue the process in the amount of $5261.00. payable to Capital Transfer by us the seller. We have had NO contact from them since and no return of phone calls. We have contacted the resort and found out they have never been contacted regarding the selling of the property, or believe they even had a buyer and the bank informed us that a wire transfer is held. Also told by Magnum Realty, Sr. Broker Mr Frost that the border does this because they are "greedy".

Gary –

Victim Location 82609

Type of a scam Other

I received a call offering to sell my vacation club membership, it was for a good price and they did not want any upfront payment. So I decided to see where it went and they provided license numbers registered with the SOS CA. They do work with Capital Transfer Associated Services LP(separate complaint to be filed). To boil it down I stayed involved because they never asked for money, other than the 5% commission to be paid after I received my proceeds from the sale. They sent a contract for me to sign which I had my attorney look at, and he found nothing glaringly wrong but he too was skeptical because it “was too good to be true”. The last thing to do in performing my due diligence was to visit both companies, and what I found was that they do not occupy office space at the addresses given, even though they invited me, but I believe they thought that I would not. 630 J St appeared to have no occupants. I can provide a copy of the contract if it would be helpful.

Mallory –

Victim Location 98024

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Company called Magnum Realty Group called me with an offer to buy my travel club for more than it is worth. They directed me to their website, and told me they are located in Sacramento. I could not find them listed with and felt it was too good to be true.


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