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Nichole – Dec 04, 2020

This is a scam. They seem to have legitimate website and ask all kinds of questions on email to show they really care about the adopting family. When I paid for all $600, they said they are sending for shipment. Then a shipping company would call/text asking me to upgrade the crate that provides the temperature the pet needs during the transportation and said is 100% refundable when the pet arrives. After that I got another email asking me to pay for $2000 for the insurance of the pet. At that point, I know this is a scam. When I called the “breeder” back, it is a guy with Indian accent (same as the guy from the shipping company), and he said it is the shipping company that is requiring it and I have to pay for the insurance before the pet can be shipped. I am calling Paypal to get my money back and then I will call 911.

Alejandro – Dec 02, 2020

I am so glad I found this site before I made the mistake of thinking I was getting a Shorthair Kitten. This site I went through is It was the same information that the other complainers are saying. They were quick to answers emails and give me all kinds of pictures. Claimed to be out of San Jose, CA. The contact number is: 669-202-9789, the same number that the other complaints are listing. I emailed them back after coming across this site and immediately emailed them back saying that after research that they were not on the up and up and I would not be purchasing a kitten from them. I have not heard back. SURPRISE SURPRISE. Buyer Beware. Be careful out there, they will go to any lengths to get your money.

Meagan – Oct 11, 2020

Totally a fraud website and when I called them out regarding this fraudulent site they got very radical and angry with me using curse words because they got busted. Beware of thieves as this operation because they come in many forms and are always trying to scam especially online and steal. Very scary.

Ryan – Oct 04, 2020

I found the Magnificent British Shorthair Home on a google search and noticed a couple of weird details immediately. First their website was really basic and recent, create din 2020. Later, there was no postal address to be found, which is also strange, and they did not have Instagram or Facebook which nowadays are so basic channels for marketing of any business. After exchanging a couple of emails with them, I realize even they say the were located in San Jose, CA they were answering emails at 3.00 am in their supposedly local time which was really odd. The content of the emails seem to be templates and they did not answer any of the questions I had. After the second email I smelled something fishy and search for scams on this subject and found this website.

Reginald – Sep 13, 2020

I’ve been looking for a british short hair cat and put in an application for their website “magnificent british shorthair home” and they emailed me back the price being $600 for the kitten and that it would come with toys and a litter box andddd free shipping. Which obviously sounds too good to be true and quite sketch. They also said they’re located in Altoona Philadelphia but the area code for their number is from California around the San Jose area… pretty sketch won’t be buying from them :/

Shanna – Aug 10, 2020

Victim Location 01469

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a British Shorthair cat breeder online, and found Magnificent British Shorthair Home. The emails I exchanged with this business were very vague, though they sent a few photos of the kitten I was interested in to me. I did not get a name or physical address over email, which was surprising.

When I called the phone number, there was no answer, and I could tell the phone was routing me through multiple services trying to locate the business. After I hung up, my phone rang and a man with a strong Indian accent said he had just missed my call. Who was I? I gave him my name, and asked if it was "Magnificent British…" He said yes. What was my name and which cat was I interested in. It was loud in the background, like a call center – not the quiet home of someone who breeds cats. I was suspicious, and said that I know there are scammers out there, and wanted to make sure he was a real cattery. He couldn’t offer any bona fides, and would not give me an address. Just said he was in San Jose.

I asked him to tell me about the breed – very simple question that any cat breeder would be able to answer. He said to go look at the website. Clearly he was not the guy to speak to about this cat I was interested in. He didn’t even offer to have someone call me back who had more direct experience with the breed or the cat.

After I got off the phone I searched the website and found "Majesty British Shorthairs" with complaints and every indication of a scamming company. Also saw that there is a "Premium British Short Hair Kitten" business listed with similar scams reported. I think the "Magnificent British Shorthair" site is just their latest incarnation as they dodge detection. Someone should really stop these guys.


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