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Tara –

Victim Location 48473

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Having went to the site to make a purchase of the product, I had used a Visa gift card because I already had suspicions about the way the site looked, and the layout of the checkout process. After putting in my address and other information for the product, and clicking the "Process Now" button at the bottom of the screen after putting in the information, there were nearly five different screens that came up afterwards prompting me to buy more add-ons to my order. I had selected "No" for every single addition. Additionally, when I first started making the order, I didn’t realize that you only get one car with the race track, I thought you got to choose between two (of which it does NOT clearly state on the site that you can only choose one color car, as choosing either red or blue meant you’d be buying that color car with one race set purchase). As such, I picked both a red and blue car, which I wasn’t aware because, again it didn’t prompt me or show me, that it would be charging me for TWO race tracks. I get through the screens of pop-up add-ons, only to come to what I was hoping would be a confirmation page to check for errors or uncertainties with the order, but a swift "Thank you for your order!" So there was absolutely NO way for me to double-check my order to make sure that I was getting precisely what I was wanting to order. Not only that, but instead of charging for just one race track that I wanted to do to begin with, plus the 5.99 shipping and handling fee for the track, it DOUBLED the order so that it was now 19.99 times two, and another 5.99 S&H fee. The other issue I have is that I did the purchase with a pre-paid $30.00 gift card, which I had put at that price specifically so that I could buy just one item. The fact that the website didn’t flag my order as having an issue is another reason why I believe the site is a scam and simply takes more money from unsuspecting buyers than it says it does. After they sent a "Thank you for your order" e-mail, I knew something wasn’t quite right because of the very simple layout of the e-mail confirmation, and how it was also a non-encrypted e-mail. I’m suspicious, greatly, of this company and what they are doing.


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