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Adrian –

Victim Location 62914

Total money lost $586.50

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was called by a woman named Adrianna. She advised me but I owed over $596 to Providian Bank in reference to a Chase credit card I told her that I had not owned a Chase credit card. She insisted that I did she told me all of my information such as my name my address where I had previously lived where I bank at. As my bank information. When I hung up the phone I checked my bank account and sure enough there was a debit being taken out for $586 so I call my bank and explain to them. The bank returned my money. The information I had such as a signed document that was supposedly my signature which look nothing like my signature and was spelled wrong. It was turned into the fraud department where I bank that and my claim was denied. So therefore the money that the bank had returned to me because of Madison and Powell Associates took out I have completely lost. I called my bank immediately after this there was supposed to be a stop payment wish they were under the assumption that it was check by phone which it was not I asked the bank to freeze my account they assured me did not need to freeze the account because they did a stop payment long and behold they used my debit information to remove the money from my account I even asked for my account to be closed and it wasn’t closed so I feel as if I’ve been a victim from Madison Powell and and Associates and my bank is well and when you Google Madison Powell and Associates it comes up as a UPS Store go figure


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