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Larry – Dec 12, 2020

Hi, et bonjour !
C’est en français que je rédige ce message, car visiblement cette “compagnie” s’en prend aussi aux français. N’achetez surtout pas ! Tout ce qui est dit dans les autres messages de ce site est vrai. J’ai heureusement regardé ici avant de commander. Tout d’abord j’ai reçu un message d’un autre compte, louche car sans aucun abonné disant qu’il cherchait des ambassadeurs pour leur marque. En réalité ce n’est rien qu’une arnaque avec un faux compte Instagram, qui a déjà eu 9 noms qui n’avaient rien à voir avec les chats, qui ne donne pas d’argent à d’associations ni rien. Sur Instagram, “Jessica” nous explique et nous fait un code de 40%, sauf que cette soit disant personne ne répondra à aucune question et renverra toujours “how can I help?” Ou explique que beaucoup de personnes s’occupent de gérer le compte Instagram. Totalement faux aussi. En bref, c’est un non ! Arnaque, il faut le signaler.

Micah – Dec 10, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

This “company” claims to donate proceedings to a charity for animals. That is absolutely untrue. If you go to their page there is somehow a few people who claim to have received an item but there are MANY more who are on the same page as me (see last picture- all people I do not know personally but messaged with about this scam). You can also go to their instagram page , click the 3 dots at the top & then “about this account” there are NINE former usernames for the account including multiple obvious “business names” that have nothing to do with cats. This person has been scamming over 300,000 people for YEARS. I’ve attempted emailing the non-profit he “donates” too, I’ve reached out to the BBB and apparently they have been investigating but more people need to be aware. I’ve reported multiple times to Instagram and I know others have as well, they aren’t doing anything about it. If you read through my messages with this company you will quickly realize what a scam it is. Diversion, ignorance, flat out ignoring me, re-sending messages, you will also see the email they gave me doesn’t work- everything associated with this account is an automated response (one of the women I messaged with sent me her messages and everything was word-for-word from the “company”. PLEASE I urge you to report this person, 7 months later and still no response, remorse, or product in my possession.

Roberto – Dec 07, 2020

I ordered a set in September, it is now mid December and I have no item, and no update on the shipment. I’ve reached out multiple times and was told last month that shipping was delayed and it would arrive soon. Now they’re telling me my order number isn’t valid, even though it’s the order number in my confirmation email and SHOP app.

Spencer – Dec 06, 2020

Ordered two items in august. Only received 1. Have been told in October It was in processing. Told exactly the same thing today. Will never buy from here again.SCAM

Mallory – Oct 15, 2020

Was also contacted by them via instagram and ordered the flanel set with their 40% discount code. Only received the headband, but not the rest. They don’t answer any mails and I only get automatic robot replies on Insta. Had to open a paypal case for this and since they’re not answering on there either, I hope paypal will get me my money back. Wish I would have checked this page further before ordering. The 200k follower on instagram made me fall for it… do not buy from them!

Toni – Oct 15, 2020

I work in social media and felt the scam but my girlfriend uns my cat’s account with me and she saw the brand ambassador bull[censored] and straight up bought something without telling me about it. There, I couldn’t tell her to not do it (I as at the office when it happened). Now, obviously, she’s mad because she lost money and I’m even madder because those people are using the trust of those who don’t think that they have to check basically EVERYTHING on the internet. DO NOT BUY. Do not hesitate to flood their social media with comments like this because the people who buy aren’t coming on these pages but may read comments on instagram and facebook.

Latoya – Oct 09, 2020

I ordered a flannel and they send me not exactly full pieces and also didn’t have elastic rubber band. Also the pieces I received wasn’t flannel at all. Very disappointed in them. I want expecting from them to have such a bad luck at sending and stealing money from people.

Victoria – Oct 07, 2020

I was contacted by a profile called tamar.joachimpillai_ncwxl11 and told to reach out to @madebymeow if I wanted my cute cat to be a brand ambassador. Curious I checked Made by Meows page which looks legit enough and messaged asking what being a brand ambassador entailed. While they messaged me I googled and found these reports. So I asked about which shelters they donate to and they never answered the question but told me they made a discount code for me. When I asked if I was speaking to a real person they said multiple people are responsible for responding and sometimes they interrupt each other. I asked why they hadn’t answered my question then and they said to submit my request to [email protected] because of their clearly automated responses and these previous reports I did not place an order or proceed from there.

Caitlin – Sep 30, 2020

Scammer’s website Made by meow

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Yep. Should have known this was too good to be true! I didn’t get a confirmation email when I bought the stuff. I emailed them and messaged on insta. I haven’t gotten anything yet. I’m mad.

David – Sep 29, 2020

Like many, I was dm’ed from a new account which asked whether I wanted to be an ambassador. The account seemed real with more than 260K followers and many likes on each post. When I messaged the account, I was introduced to “Jessica”. The website seemed quite legit and I was about to buy with a working discount code but they did not ship to the country I was from… When I dm’ed to ask if they could make it a possible option, I received the same, automated replies. Looking at the recent post on their page, it seems like they message hundreds of people for this scam. I asked which specific shelters they donate the money to or what the roles are of an ambassador but received very vague/not clear replies. This is a definite scam. Don’t trust, don’t buy and report the Instagram account.

Billy – Sep 28, 2020

Same for me. I ordered the product with 40% discount, in the end the shipping cost was deducted and a small percentage. That was my discount, and they said they will post my photo on their instagram, got automated replies, felt scammed.

Sandra – Sep 23, 2020

I had purchased the triple shell set and only received the headband and scrunchie. The whole point of buying it is so you can match your cat. They have not helped me make it right. They keep giving me an email that does not respond back. All in all disappointing and you can’t even talk to a real person to make it right.. Do not buy! It is also way overpriced but I still purchased because it was supposed to go to a good cause.

Gerald – Sep 22, 2020

I had an PM (as seen in photo) i was so eager to do it the discount code worked and everything but when it came to shipping the United Kingdom wasn’t on the list so i told them this and this was the response i got (as seen in photo) so glad i found this out before i gave the code to friends.

Catherine – Sep 21, 2020

spam message like everyone else, just not by a Jessica; looks like they have other bot names but they are easy to spot. It says to message the main account, all automated messages that no one actually reads. Sorry if your a fellow model disappointed by another spam account, keep at it!

Cory – Sep 19, 2020

Hi. I instantly realized that I was talking to a bot. ”Jessica” reached out to me as well. Don’t fall for it guys. Luckily, I didn’t order anything, so no money was lost. Donate to your local shelters in person or do some volunteer work :). The funniest thing was when the bot tried to explain to me what a brand ambassador was. They should be able to send you their products for FREE and you promote them in return. Nobody that I know that is a brand ambassador had to pay for the products.

Alejandro – Sep 18, 2020

También me mandaron un mensaje diciendo lo mismo que a los demás, sólo que era de parte de una tal Daniela.

Meredith – Sep 16, 2020

Definitely a scam. They contacted me and said I would get a 40% off discount and have the option to select “free shipping” but when I checked, it would cost me $12 plus the $19 (discounted) bandana which I obviously found sketchy. The “person” Is for sure a robot cause the answered all appear to be automatic and don’t make sense to what I messaged. Examples include me asking for their name, and the bot responding “ Please help me help you. I do not fully understand. How can I help?”
Do not give them your money!

Nichole – Sep 16, 2020

I was fictitously DM’ed to be an ambassador, but each time I asked something, they never answered me with the right answers or they answered me with a “I don’t understand you”. When I asked about being an Ambassador and what it included, she never answered me. Her name was Jessica (or so she told me). I had asked her, “will I get my order” and she replied with “I’m here to help” or something along those lines. She even made me a discount code, but I was not falling for it. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY!

Frederick – Sep 11, 2020

Just like the other people here, I was talking to a girl named Jessica. The messages were clearly pre-written and they did not answer my questions at all. I’m glad I caught onto them before buying anything, nope-d out of there real quick and reported them to Instagram.

Jessica – Sep 10, 2020

Got contacted to be an ambassador through instagram. So glad I checked here first! Also got messaged by “Jessica”. Will not be participating in this scam and I reported it to instagram.


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