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Nicolas – Dec 06, 2020

Pre order ps5 I got a email back and that try emailing them back the email says this address can’t be found they also use my information and went in my bank account I want my money back

Linda – Nov 26, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

They took my money for a ps5 I got an order number but still no ps5 im fully disable an they took my whole check off my card I want my money back

Alan – Nov 26, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

They took my money for a ps5 I got an order number but still no ps5

Steve – Nov 24, 2020

Today I tried to purchase an PS/5–Sony PS/5 Console–I made the purchase, but didn’t feel good about it after I tried to contact the company and couldn’t. I then tried to a search for the company and this website came up and I new I had made a very bad choice. I immediately called by bank to try and stop payment, I was successful. They did try to put the charge through but were unsuccessful in their attempt. Please think twice before ordering anything from Macur Smart (

Kimberly – Nov 14, 2020

I pre-ordered an Xbox series one and didn’t receive confirmation. I had to call and get my charges reversed.

Charles – Nov 21, 2020

What number did you call?

Ramon – Nov 13, 2020

Money still on hold ,,,,and no shipping date

Evan – Nov 11, 2020

I bought a ps5 from them last night didn’t get shipping information just an order number and that my order is on hold or someone needs to arrest these people its criminal

Patrick – Nov 10, 2020

I paided for shipping in advanced as I was advisded to wanted new Xbox. last I heard from them I guess I will have to notify my bank to get a refund

Ricky – Nov 09, 2020

I paid for a playstation 5 on 5 days ago. No information sent to email emails don’t exist. This is a scam. Someone please call me 803 297 1770 and c what we can do bout this. The address they have is at a residence.

Adrian – Nov 07, 2020

I believe I was scammed, I purchased PS5 PLUS CONSOLE; it was off the site macur smart. Know I can’t get back into the site. How do I get my money back? Anyone know anything? Who is attending these issues? Can some please respond very soon? I need my purchase or my money back.

Nichole – Nov 08, 2020

The web name is

Juan – Nov 08, 2020

The place where I buy from and pre-order is it different website and get it in February

Ryan – Nov 08, 2020

You can’t log back in but you can’t call the bank and get the money back if you use their card

Reginald – Nov 04, 2020

Macur smart for ordering ps5 IS A SCAM! I’m going to the main office today and am going to beat down every person that works there myself if I can’t get my $$ back

Candice – Nov 09, 2020

Its a scam I ordered also. Call me 803 297 1770

Dustin – Nov 03, 2020

Scammer’s phone N/A

Scammer’s website Maru smart

Scammer’s address N/A

Scammer’s email N/A

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered a Pre order Ps5 and now I cant get not kind of information from the site. They make look really pike a good deal by being able to pre order and now its like just donated money to something I kno anything about. Wow

Gary – Nov 02, 2020

I pre- ordered 3 ps5 from this place last night, and come to find out when i sent an email asking what the eta of delivery is the email came right back saying address not found because the domain does not exist. I called my credit card company and all they can do is cancel my card and issue me another one

Raul – Nov 02, 2020

I was online tryna preorder a ps5.when I came across macur be honest I only had $1 in my deposit which I work a get once a week.So they didn’t get anything,but I’m afraid they’ll take it out of my account next week.if anyone have information it would be helpful.

Craig – Nov 02, 2020

I got scammed for 4 play station 5’s I lost 559.98 x’s 2=1,119.96! I want my money back they stated they would send me a confirmation and I received nothing! How don I get my money back?

Evelyn – Nov 02, 2020

They are scammers.

Carly – Nov 02, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Phone

I got a link to pre-order a digital ps5 and i think i was scammed. It’s the macur smart website off of a hulasmart store link. I should have known something was wrong because i didn’t get an email confirmation or nothing. Please help so nobody else gets scammed

Allen – Nov 09, 2020

I didn’t get one either. [email protected] Yahoo

Abby – Oct 31, 2020

Uh oh!

Why hadn’t I looked at this page prior to ordering the new PS5 for a pre-order amount of $349.99? What prompted me to look here was a lack of confirmation email so I sent an email to inquire an ETA & my email was immediately rejected.

I will contact my bank right-away! And it seemed so legit…do NOT order from hulamart or macursmart!

I had to cancel my card to prevent this transaction from the hold placed by Google. Cyber theives are just awful! I pray y’all get caught! Shame of you…

Cheryl – Oct 31, 2020

Thank you so much honestly i was literally on my way to buying the ps5 I’m greatfull but can I ask where can I get the ps5 if you’ve gotten one already i really want one

Naomi – Oct 30, 2020

Be smart don’t be scammed by Macur Smart for the [Pre-Order] – Microsoft – Xbox Series X 1TB Console $349.

Tristan – Oct 30, 2020

Was looking for best price on Xbox series X…
While searching, came across a link to preorder the [Pre-Order] – Microsoft – Xbox Series X 1TB Console.
$349. Hell of a deal right…well not so fast, Bestbuy, Target, Walmart is 499.99.
So I looked for reviews for Macur Smart and I came across this, thank you all, I was going to buy 2 for each of my Grandkids.

Hillary – Oct 30, 2020

I’m so happy I saw these reviews cause I was just about to purchase the Xbox series x !


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