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Monica –

Victim Location 94552

Total money lost $72,000

Type of a scam Romance

I first was contacted by James Stevenson on February 12, 2017 through Match. He said he wasn’t on the sight much so to email him. Then we began talking. He said he was an engineer and had been in California for four months but was in Dallas finishing up a fabrication project for an oil company – Dragon Oil PLC. We talked for over a month and then he told me there had been an accident and that the company was going to terminate his million dollar contract. He sent a copy of their letter to him stating the same. He said he had put everything into the company and could I loan him just enough money to fix the machine so that his contract would not be terminated. Unfortunately, I did. Then he needed support equipment and more money. Then he called me and said he had received the check but in order to save on taxes, he was going to have them instead provide a wire (he sent a copy of the wire). Then there needed to be an attorney to prepare the tax documents for the government of Dubai so that cost. Then the attorney had held up the process so the bank was charging demurrage and a variety of mishaps which resulted in more demurrage. At the same time he was telling me that his mother would require heart surgery. He is so convincing. He sounds as if he is from spain? He said he is norwegian and a widower as his wife was an alcoholic who died of liver disease. He said he has a 20 year old son attending college in Houston. Eventually, I went to Dallas to meet him. He did not show and texted me that he was so sorry but he had been lying. I lost a lot of money… It is truly sickening.



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