Johnson Smith Associates

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Carly –

Victim Location 89123

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Very vague company on why their calling ? They ask for SS#, want you to verify sensitive information. DON’T GIVE THEM ANYTHING!!

Edward –

Victim Location 92629

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called my ex girlfriend, wife, parents, and me saying there’s a “civil lawsuit” against me and they need my address to deliver court paperwork.

Shawn –

Victim Location 87059

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted by an unknown number stating I owed a debt from 2002 and that the around was approximately $350.00. He wanted to verify my name address and SSN so he could advise me of the debt I owed… he also said someone over the age of 18 needed to be at my residence on Thursday to accept a subpoena for court because I was being sued. I was then told that the amount I now owed was $934.00. I told the man that I did not have a CC from that time or company… I was then told that if I pay the $340.00 I would not have to go to court. I told the man I would go to court and that I believed he was trying to scam me… the man began to yell and stared I needed to get an attorney or respesent myself. I told him I would see him in court… of course come Thursday I was not served but my husband began getting the same phone calls… I looked up the address for these guys and it comes back to a UPS store.. then today I received a letter from Johnson, Smith & Associated stating the same info… with the address of the UPS Store… also I looked into Johnson, Smith & Associates and I found hundreds of people getting the same phone call from a blocked caller ID with the same recorded message… also the call back number is 1-888-366-3214.

Raymond –

Victim Location 68046

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I had these people from this so called law firm saying that I was delinquent on a credit card over 10 yrs ago (that I paid off and canceled), which I’ve never heard about any delinquency or seen on my credit. First of all the initial person who called left a voice mail on my phone and messed up his lines for his "scam" and then proceeded to call my wife. She talked to them but then they said they couldn’t discuss this matter with her. I called them and they asked if someone of 18 or older would be here to accept a certified letter because I was going to be taken to court. This guy couldn’t get his story straight either and the balance I owed kept changing, as well as he couldn’t answer all my questions. They said they have been trying to get a hold of me all this time yet I never seen 1 letter or any phone calls up until this time and my number has been the same forever now. When I refused to pay he said he would send the court documents by mail even though earlier he said I needed to have someone sign for it. I did some research online and seen a lot of people talking about these people being scam artist.

Clinton –

Victim Location 44484

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call from an blocked number and answered by accident. I was told to call back at a different number 866-265-6250, I did and the same female voice who gave me the "case number" answered immediately and put me through to "Edward Logan", who proceeded to introduce himself as a "mediator" and "paralegal" for "Johnson, Smith & Associates. He asked me my name and that he was trying to reach my Wife about a "civil complaint" (lawsuit, if I am not mistaken (FDCPA violation # 1). He gave me the account information that he alleged my Wife owed and gave me some false information about my states Statute of limitations and that payment had been made within that time frame. From the word go I suspected that I was dealing with a scammer. I mentioned that I was going to consult with a lawyer. He said we could pay this alleged "debt" and the "civil complaint" could be withdrawn. (Naturally, not at all the way real lawsuits are filed).

I ceased phone communication at this point. Within the five days I did receive a letter from them. I have attached the letter, and great effort was taken to make the document appear legitimate. I started to do some research at this point about the company. They are not a licensed debt collector in their state, nor are they on file with their states Secretary of State or my states. Their address is actually a UPS store box. They have a website that is missing the http: that makes a website legitimate. When I searched the company and their phone number, numerous websites listed them as making scam phone calls, all with the same legal threat looking for immediate payment. On each one of these pages, after several users commented that it was a scam, and listed several of the same things I pointed out, a curious user(s) with the same name or similar name, would comment directly under the previous comment, claiming that they were contacted as well, and that the company was a "law firm", which is of course false, as no such law firm is registered under the state bar of their state.

I spent an entire morning locating my Wife’s financial records which includes many old credit reports and was unable to find anything that would substantiate this claim, save one account that was paid off ( I have the documentation to prove it), but the account numbers did not match. At this point I felt it wise to consult a consumer protection lawyer, which I did. After meeting with them they mentioned that they see these types of scams frequently, and that they were becoming more sophisticated. After reviewing the information presented, The lawyer advised that we simply cease any communication with this as it is likely that it is a scam. They simply told me that if they sue you, we will represent you. It is interesting as well, that in my internet research, I came across similar complaints that were older for a different company using the same UPS store box calling themselves Cambridge Investment Group, although there was no website for this one.



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