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Christopher –

Victim Location 45872

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Government Grant

Sorry if attachment is unavailable, please read it from bottom to top in black letters to follow the text messages in order they were received, if possible….Basically, my mother was scammed by someone texting her claiming that they were from some government agency and that she was awarded an $100000 grant. They asked for her and her mother’s name, her address, phone number (which they already had, obviously) email, occupation, marital status, sex, monthly income, and if she rented or owned a property. They then informed her that in order to claim the money, she had to pay their filing fees of $500 via Bank of America or Western Union. As well as not telling anyone why she was sending out money, and if anyone asked it was to a relative, not to mention it was for a grant. Then after getting the initial $500, saying there was a tax of 6.5% and the IRS had stopped the transfer because a tax of $6,500 had to be paid before final delivery. I contacted both Western Union and BOA, and made them aware and I believe both of them have suspended or done appropriate measures to prevent them from receiving any more funds through their services….



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