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Erin –

Victim Location 31093

Type of a scam Employment

He inbox me offering a job as a secretary making 400 dollars a week or 450 if I have experience for his landscaping and farming business he sent me the job description and I told him I was 7 months pregnant he then offered me to work from home since I was going to work from home it would have been 400 a week. We met at zaxbys to discuss my job description and he advised he would like me to start monday I messaged him a couple of times telling him I need him to text me a list of things he needed and he would not reply he finally reaponded to one of my messages and he wanted information on a rental I researched and gave him the information he then proceeded in asking me to get the car in my name and he will drive it to go out of town for memorial weekend. I told him no. After that I did not hear from him so a week past and I ask him if he is going to pay me and he said no he started telling me I was supposed to come to his farm and clean up that I was suppose to pick up plants and seeds for him which was not in the job description he did not even give me an address for the farm or landscaping business. He said I did not do what I was supposed to do and that he would let his mother continue to run his business I then advised I was going to file a report and call the police he advised his mother is the police and I asked for her badge number he did not respond he did not get any paper work on me whatsoever or give me a business card to order his crops..



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