Joan Grahm International monetary fund

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Meghan –

Victim Location 95376

Type of a scam Government Grant

Got a message from a good friend in Messenger off Facebook. Posing as my friend she sent me a link in order to get this great opportunity an IMF Grant. The day before she and I were discussing a senior Grant at the senior center. So I thought this was valid. The link was invalid then a second link was sent with a name Ronnie Holbrook. I did get suckered in as I really believed it was coming from my friend. She was the grant Giver and qualifier . Whoever was posing as my friend spoke 15 minutes and I actually went and pulled out money $300 to be exact until I finally realized it probably wasn’t her thank God: guess why I was getting a headache and I felt really nervous being rushed so I stopped to breathe.. Of course when they started talking more and more it didn’t sound like My Friends words anymore and they offered to help me pay the fees involved in order to get my check immediately for $17,000 then I knew it was a scam. I wish I could copy and paste it here but it’s in messenger and there’s no way to do that. Oh here’s the websites:…and



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