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Shanna –

Victim Location 88510

Type of a scam Investment

Got a postal mail advertisement (like junk mail not in an envelope) claiming that they are *** Investments Group and that they want to buy my house. They state that they will buy my house as is and pay all the closing costs. In addition they state that they have a team of lenders standing by and don’t have to get bank loans or order any appraisals. The contact numbers are *** and ***. The address they use is *** *** *** *** ***. I reside in Texas. I received this postal mail at another address and not the address of the house which they wish to buy. That property is not being sold or advertised as being sold. It disturbed me that they knew the house was vacant and that the owner, me, was living at another address, which is where i received this offer. I did a search on them because it sounded like a scam. They do not exist, there is however a legitimate company called *** Investment Group (without) the "s" at the end of investment. They are a real estate company but are not from Louisiana. I also looked up the address *** *** *** ** ***¬†and it is an apartment complex not a real estate company. These people are imposters. We did not call either of these numbers and had no dealings with this company or person. Based on my searches I believe that this individual or group are frauds and are trying to scam people out of their money by pretending to be a real estate company.



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