IVS/Jackson Harris Firm

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Jeffrey –

Victim Location 79707

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This number initially contacted me off a private line. The woman I spoke with told me that I owed a bank money and that the settlement was 856.09 and that I had to make that payment. Then she gave me the option for 3 installment payments of 285.38 and that I had to make the first payment right then and there. Then she told me that I could also make a settlement of 524.87 and pay that right away, and then she said I could make two payments of 262.44 to settle the debt. When I started to ask questions she spoke so fast that I couldn’t understand at all. She was claiming to be Jackson and Harris and Associates out of California. I looked up that information and also the phone number that appeared on my phone and nothing came up. I made sure that all my information at the bank in question was clear. When I asked questions pertaining to the business they kept hanging up on me. Stating that they would garnish my wages to settle the debt with the bank in question. When I called back again they said the business name was IVS an answering service for many Law Firms. I looked up IVS and nothing appeared as well. They also had addresses that I had no longer lived at as well, and the last thing that was said was that they contacted my family and that they gave them an address that I had never lived at, and when I asked which family member they called and asked they would not tell me which family member they had called only stating that it was a viable family member. I called again because they had hung up on me again and when I asked for their address he would not state what the address only that they were out of California. I got different people each time I called since they kept hanging up on me when I asked important questions about the matter at hand. The phone number that called me was 855-482-3829.



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