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Jerome –

Victim Location 66736

Total money lost $32,400

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an e-mail stating my Subscription for IT services and security had expired. I would be charged 1500 for the services or to call to cancel. I called the listed number 319/455-6266. I told Edward I wanted to cancel the service. He said I would get a refund of 399 since I had been a good customer. He had a form online for me to fill in the amount of 399, but when I typed it in the 399 turned into 3999.00. The process for getting the excess back to him then started. It required getting Walmart gift cards of which I now am up to 32400 worth of purchasing as several of the cards were defective and I had to purchase replacements. This has gone on for 2 weeks and numerous trips to walmart (the closest being an hour drive). I would get the gift cards, scratch off the Pin area and take a photo and send it to the IT representative. All along I was assured that WalMart would reimburse me for the purchases. I received a call from the parent bank stating the 3999.00 check was there but being held because of the originator also a call that a 30000.00 check was at the parent bank but was being held because they were questioning WalMart sending me so much. To date, I am out $32400.00 plus travel of 7 trips to Walmart with no funds being received.



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