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Tony –

Victim Location 48144

Type of a scam Other

Email received:


Office Address: Internal Revenue Service Headquarters Building, 1111 Constitution Avenue Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, DC.Commissioner: Mr. John Andrew Koskinen.

Greetings From The Internal Revenue Service United States of America. Tax Agreement Letter.

I did not respond to this gentleman. I didn’t accept this as anything real. But with tax time here now, there will be many people who will read this and say that 1) either the desperately need that kind of money to make ends meet or 2) people who might say, well, I have money coming back from the IRS, so I could use it to do this. Either way,it’s a scam.

I am Mr.John Koskinen, The Commissioner Of Internal Revenue Service,and I know this email may sound strange to you but nevertheless am here to make a point to you which will be the secret you have expected or wish to know about the difficulties and upfront fees which always pups up whenever you are about to receive your previous transaction.

You have paid uncountable and endless fees to different People, Offices, Banks, Company E.T.C. in the name of receiving your promised Fund, but it always turns out to be story after story and fees after fees whenever it is time to receive those Funds.

Am here to tell you that this OFFICE has been the Authority behind those upfront fees, and you need to read carefully to know our reason for making you to pay upfront fees before you could receive your legitimate Funds.

I want to make it clear to you that 25% of all the transaction you have dealt with are legitimate, We know the actual amount for each Fund, and knowing the important of TAX in the State, We secretly set-up "request for upfront fees" as a medium to collect TAX on those funds before we could allow them release those Funds to you. (request for: transfer fees, Certificates fees, Clearance fees, Customs fees, etc) are just the medium we set-up with those People, Offices, Banks, Company etc to be collecting payments from you until you have paid the actual percentage Tax of your Fund before we could release your Fund.

Normally you don’t have to pay a dime to receive any of your promised Fund if not for what I have just explained. Am here to make it clear to you that the above explained SYSTEM OF TAX PAYMENT which has been the secret behind your Fund delays has been put to STOP and thereby bringing up a final and affordable solution to receiving your Funds.

Only the 25% among all your previous and current transaction are legitimate and approximately the total sum of $35-Million USD is the only legitimate amount left for you to claim. We have watched out all the series of payments we made you pay through those people you where and currently dealing with, and found out it is still going to take you more years and more thousands of dollars payment to cover the TAX FEE levied on your $35 Million USD which is approximately the sum $3.5 Million.

$3.5 Million TAX FEE is the actual amount we have planed to collect from you through the explained SYSTEM OF TAX PAYMENT before releasing your Thirty Five Million USD to you. But since the old SYSTEM OF TAX PAYMENT has been changed, We have reached a new SYSTEM which says you will enter into an Agreement with this OFFICE to unfailingly and unconditionally pay the TAX FEE of $3.5 Million immediately we release your $35 Million USD to you from this OFFICE without any delay.

We are going to release your $35 Million to you without making you pay out your hard earned money, but before that you must present to this OFFICE a TAX AGREEMENT LETTER, and this Tax Agreement Letter will be the only legitimate Document to hold our agreement with you on releasing your Fund with agreement to pay the TAX FEE after receiving your Fund.

If you fail to adhere to the explained instruction you will continue to waste your hard earned money without receiving anything, because there is no possible means of you completing the TAX FEE of $3.5 Million expected from you, therefore you need to enter into an agreement with us by issuing this TAX AGREEMENT LETTER, This Tax Agreement LETTER will stand as a Documented Oath biding us together before we can feel comfortable to release your $35 Million and you will pay the TAX FEE of $3.5 Million from your $35 Million USD after you have received it from this OFFICE.

Your can send me text messages through this number +1 202- 660-1797 for easy communication .

You will have to obtain this TAX AGREEMENT LETTER from our TAX AGENCY REPRESENTATIVE at the Country of your Fund Origination being Republic Kenya and it will cost only $175.00 therefore TAX AGREEMENT LETTER Fee of $175.00 is all you will have to spend in other to receive your $35 Million from this OFFICE and pay the $3.5 Million from the Fund.

We expect to hear from you with the Western Union or Money Gram payment information only if you are willing to pay the fee of $175.00 for the TAX AGREEMENT LETTER and receive your $35 Million USD

Send the fee via western union transfer or money gram.

Receiver’s Name ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Veronicah Mulewa Kasoa

Country ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kenya


Test Question ,,,,,,,,,,,Hurry?

Answer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Up

Amount: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,$175.00


Thanks for your understanding and we still need your Correct information to make up this Tax Agreement Oath with you. Meanwhile you are advice to reconfirm the below information upon contacting us to avoid delivery to wrong person after obtaining the needed TAX AGREEMENT LETTER at the Country of your Fund Origination being Republic Kenya.

1- Your Full Name:

2- Your Delivery Address:

3- Your Contact Telephone Number:

4- Your Occupation:

Thanks for your understanding.


Yours In Service,

Mr. John Andrew Koskinen,

Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service .

April –

Victim Location 45242

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Urged me to call because we’re in trouble with the IRS and could end up arrested



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