IO: Chemical & Pharma LTd

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Adriana –

Victim Location 13088

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message from this number in regards to an apparent resume I sent out about a job offering. The number texted me asking to continue the "interview" in a Google Hangouts session. After a lengthy list of questions, which all seemed legitimate, I was told I had the job. Being excited, I tried to find wholes in the story. The person’s name they were using was legitimate, the company was legitimate, and I saw nothing wrong with the general discussion we had during the interview. It took a few hours until I had a realization that perhaps it wasn’t the real person who I was speaking to that they said they were. I asked to speak either on the phone or video chat and they refused. I could not report them on Google Hangouts and I do not want to use the woman’s name who they claimed to be, but look out for this number. I tried calling it and got a message saying it wasn’t working. I only gave them my name and address so they don’t have any major information to do anything harmful to me but I’m glad I caught it before it got worse. They offered a laptop and a phone and they said it was work from home only. I dug deep to find out it was bogus and I hope they are caught one day.



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