International Postal Lines

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Levi –

Victim Location 39211

Total money lost $26.39

Type of a scam Employment

While online doing job from my email, I received a job search offer with a list of various job types. The variety of jobs I was looking for were home based work. The title of the job was for a shipping inspector. I followed the instructions and applied for the job from its description. After I read the job description which gave information of the job position, job type, basic salary (which was $1900 plus $25 as a bonus for every processed package on a monthly schedule), and hours (8-10/week, flexible schedule), the initial application to inform this business I was interested, I received a phone call a few hours later at 10:11 a.m. central standard time. This business name is International Postal Lines. The woman who called stated her name to be Vilma. And, she sent me an email later that same day at 1:02 p.m.

This email opened with a statement saying "I am happy to inform you that we are ready to provide you with a job in our company!

Feel free to follow few actions bellow if you want to start your work as quickly as possible:" I then responded with three step process she instructed me to do in the email. Once I did that she immediately put me through online training for the job position in step by step instructions. After that phase was completed, I began receiving job alerts by text to go to a login account assigned to me with a user email and password. A work assignment was given to me with a FedEx tracking number attached to it. Anyway, to make a long story short, I couldn’t get in touch with the call center every time I called it and the company representative who initially called me, Vilma wasn’t answering her phone number. She finally called me back a day later and I told her my issue of not being able to contact the call center. She told me that you have to keep calling back because the call center is very busy. I asked her what if I have an urgent issue with shipping any item. Who am I supposed to contact. She had an accent which sounded East Indian as best I could decipher. She told me that the call center is very busy you can call me. I told her she wasn’t answering her phone and it wasn’t allowing me to leave a message. So, I restated to her if this phone number to contact her. She said yes.

I just found too many red flags in attempting to contact them at International Postal Lines. This is why I informed them in a week when this Vilma called me that I no longer wanted to do any busy with them, and that I wanted anyone in her company to never contact me again by email, text message, or phone call.



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