International Monetary Fund Federal Grants

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Tyrone –

Victim Location 13661

Total money lost $18,500

Type of a scam Government Grant

Back in Aug. 2017 I received an IM message on Facebook from a friend, *** ***, we used to work together. she was telling me about this grant she got and she noticed my name was on the list, so I should try and get it too. so I look at it, it gave amounts of grants you could get but you had to pay a fee to get it. the more you got, the more you paid. so I started at $350,000, I thought they might be able to just take the fee out of the money before they sent it. no I had to send the money first. so I dropped it for a while. then I went back later and decided to lower the amount of the grant, cause that lowered the money I had to pay for $150,000 I had to pay $3650. it had to be cash, and it had to be sent overnight delivery to Larry Santiago 81 Hubinger St New Haven, Conn. 06511 I had to let Shuga Shay Mullins – he was the agent I was

dealing with, the tracking number and the money was to be there the next day by 12N. so they received that money and then I got this paper from UPS that I had to pay an ins fee of $15,850 before the money could be sent. so I told them I didn’t have that kind of money, but then he told me if I could come up with $4000 that would be enough to send the money. so I took out an emergency loan from my retirement money. mailed them that money the same way. then the next day, he comes back and says the board says I have to have the rest of the money before it can be sent. so I took out another loan and I sent them another $10,850. then I receive this letter from the dept of the treasury out of Nashville, ten that I need to pay $25,950 for boarder clearance. that is when I realized, what are you doing, you are already out $18,500 I am not sending any more money. I first contacted the VA police where I work and they told me to call the NY State police, so when I got home I did. and while the trooper was there he produced an article to me from the about this other lady in

Cleveland, ohio that got scammed for a lot more than me, but it was the same company but a different agent – his name was Daniel Jay



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