Internal Dispute Resolution

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Felicia –

Victim Location 08046

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The following company above is saying that they are a mediation company called internal dispute resolution to resolve matters for companies by retrieving money for the companies from clients who owe them. And in doing so they will not provide any information as to who they really are they have no address they won’t give you an address and if you are in bankruptcy they are above the law they have harassed me and my husband at our home at the workplace and family members they have called and threaten my children this company cannot be a real company if they are allowed to do this. I am in bankruptcy and I have informed them this on several occasions and they keep calling and saying that it doesn’t matter if I’m in bankruptcy or my husband in bankruptcy in bankruptcy you still have to pay your debt is what they said however my attorney told me different in their case. My attorney has reached out to them and inform them we are in bankruptcy and not to call me or my husband as this is a violation and here we are they still call me and harass me and my husband.

Marisa –

Victim Location 44113

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I am reporting a phone call I feel is a scam. My mother received a call on her home phone form Internal Dispute Resolution. They left her a voice mail message. They stated I took out a loan for $750 in 2014. In preliminary judgement. They thought it was fraudulent activity on the account. I called the phone number back 855-578-2671. A young lady wanted to verify my name and last four digits of my social security number. I would not verify. She said they would close the account and not contact me anymore. I called back again and they gave me a different name. She was talking so fast. I did not send any money or give personal information. I also spoke with a man that threatened to prosecute and hung up on me.

Julie –

Victim Location 33511

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company contacted my sister looking for me. She informed me and I googled the number and listened to the voicemail they left. Many people online stated that this company attempted to scam them and did the same to me. The voicemail was someone named Linda Lawson. When I called back, someone named Jillian picked up. She claimed that there was fraudulent activity regarding CashNetUSA. I asked her to explain and she would not proceed until I verified my social. I did not provide that information so we ended the call. I then called CashNetUSA to see if they had anything on file for me and they said no and I have never had any loans out with them(which I already knew). I called the lady Jillian back to have her remove my number and any other number associated with me from their contact list. She escalated my call to someone named Richard Green who was very rude and insisted that I breached some contract with CashNetUSA, which I already knew was false. He also wanted me to verify my full social and other items and when I would not, he became belligerent and eventually hung up on me. I called back to let him know to also remove my number and this time Jillian answered the phone again. This time she stated her name as "Jessica" and then corrected it to say "Jillian". I told them to not call me or any other number associated with me ever again.



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