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Alan –

Victim Location 14616

Type of a scam Employment

I applied to a job listing on LinkedIn and was contacted via my personal email regarding the job. I submitted my resume, then was emailed asking for a cover letter, which I submitted. 2 days later(today) I was emailed by a man named Michael Connelly who says he works for IntelSpec,Inc saying he was very impressed with my resume and cover letter and sent me what he called an appointment letter, offering me a position at IntelSpec,Inc. He asked that i send him an acceptance letter if i wanted the position, which I did. I then got an email from him, which I have attached saying he was going to send me a check in the amount of $2,950 to purchase a printer, software, and my first weeks pay. For 3 hours of work a week he said I would get paid $400. I googled the company, and called the chamber of commerce for both addresses listed on the website (one address is in PA and the other in IN)and neither one has them listed as a business. The more I research them I keep finding they are a scam and taking money from people.



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