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Christie –

Victim Location 53012

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

A man with a foreign Indian accent said he was calling to verify my healthcare information for Medicare statistics. I told him that I do not do telephone verifications and to send me the verification through the mail, and I would be more than happy to mail the form back to his company. He became rude, aggressive and raised his voice to try and coerce me into answering his questions. I said have a good day and hung up. The same man immediately called me back, and continued to harass me by asking who my PCP was. When I refused to answer him, he said I have your information all in front of me and all I want to do is verify that it is all correct. I said to him, "You tell me who my PCP is and I will tell you if you have it correct." I knew it was a scammer and that his questions about my healthcare was leading up to getting my Social Security number and eventually my bank account number. The scammer became frustrated with me and abruptly hung up. A day later I received a similar phone call, but I let it go to voice mail – no message was left.



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