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Kurt –

Victim Location 80503

Type of a scam Other

Listed a car on classifieds page. Listing had my email and phone number readily available. "Jane Connor" contacted me via text message saying she had questions about my car but couldn’t talk right now, asking kindly for my email address. When she emailed me she said "I am very interested in getting your car but it would be great to take a look at vehicle history report before making final decision as I had some bad experience with buying used car in the past. Do you happen to have such a report? If you do not know where to buy this kind of report I can recommend you this site: when i was selling my truck i used it and it works well. Be sure to let me know if/when you get a report so I can check it out. I hope you understand this and it is not a big problem for you. Kind regards, J.C."

Immediately suspicious as she already had access to my email anyway (1st red flag). Email was riddled with grammatical errors, red flag, and indicated interest in buying without even seeing the vehicle yet, red flag. I did NOT click on the link she provided, but instead googled it and noticed more red flags right away. The 3rd or 4th result on google had the same word for word verbiage used in her email when she described the website. It was obvious this was illegitimate, and I’m glad I recognized it.



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