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Brandon –

Victim Location 76110

Type of a scam Employment

As soon as I checked my email, I saw that I got an email for a job in customer care representatives, data entry, and administrative assistance. I was alarmed because I didn’t remember applying for the job, especially with 45 dollars an hour starting pay. It told me that I had to add google hangouts or get skype to text someone named [email protected] from Innogen pharmaceuticals to have an online interview. As soon as I did, they wanted me to tell them about my full name and where I am. I didn’t give them my full name but they continued typing, they said "Well due to the Fast growth of Employments, we are given the opportunity to try an online base Interview by BBB to see how essential communications will be to perfect our work-less and remote movement of Employee’s and Employers " which made it more alarming because BBB is certified. Later I had questions, which they refused to answer and proceeded to tell me what I was required to do for the job. I then started to look around on the internet for the Innogen Pharmaceuticals and it was a legit company like the person said. So I then looked up the email and a website for scams popped up with the email in it. I then looked at BBB for similar occurrences with other people and Innogen and saw there was another person with the similar issues. It then clicked in my head that this was a scam, so I asked for the credentials of the person, they stopped replying so I asked "Hello?" and received "the person has blocked you" message.



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