Infinite Innovations

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Shane –

Victim Location 31408

Type of a scam Employment

This is the same Larry Hahn scam…Infinite Innovations is the company and they get their product from Scentura. I was called for an interview to open up a new branch of my choice of location. With a salary of $30,000,$576.00 a week. Sounded amazing too good to be true right? Yeah most deffenitly as I was called in the next day to come for a second interview. I showed up seeing 5 other people for the same thing. To hear a very young woman talk about the company and what to expect, like 6-8 weeks of training and no word of how much money to receive just that we would be compensated. Then after 2 hours of what to expect we all get hired on the spot and after training we have to find people to sell this perfume and we would get a commission from it….After reading all the scams on Larry Hahn, I wanted everyone to know that there is a new location and business name where he is trying to scam innocent people.



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