Industrial Seating Inc Employment Scam

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Rosa –

Victim Location 29651

Type of a scam Employment

My husband has been searching for a job. He received an email in response to a Wufoo account titled "re: paid to drive by budweiser concept #35". He was told to respond to text messages after the email for ease of communication. They sent him a check for $2300 to deposit immediately and contact them when it cleared. The text messages are very insistent on him letting them know when the check cleared and he has been instructed to send portions of the money to 2 different people. All of this has been under the guise of having his vehicle wrapped for an advertisement. All contact has been coming from different businesses and addresses. The envelope with the check came from Industrial Seating Inc in Tecate, CA. The check is addressed as S. Conley Sales, Inc in Montana. Neither of these companies have anything to do with car wrapping for advertisement.



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