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Allen –

Victim Location 53402

Total money lost $950

Type of a scam Investment

It all started on Instagram I asked this woman named Crystal more info about her business. She reached out to me and gave me some info that she worked for Incomm they were an accredited bbb financial business (it’s not even on your website and could help people with little cash help them turn it into more almost like paying for a loan type bs. Idk at this point I was a little desperate she was very calm would transfer me to her "boss" "aaron" when I had questions or w.e she was very believable. I believe she said she had been doing the business for 6 years. she said if I paid 500 she could get me 5000 so I sent the 500 after they recevied the 500 she tried to tell me there was an investment processing fee of 600 but I did not have that and that all investments made were nonrefunable which she failed to tell me beforehand so I was unable to get my 500 back unless I paid the amounts needed to go through with the process and I’d receive the 5000 that she was so sure I was going to get and would happier than I was with the 500 I couldn’t come up with the 600 so they told me to come up with 200 and the company would help me out and pay the other 400 for me. I came up with the two because at this point I just want MY damn money back not realizing at that moment I should NEVER have to pay to get my money back from anyone! I started noticing these people were a scam. When she gave me a western union track number to go get my money it wasn’t there. She told me to call her when I picked up because they wanted a picture of me with the money and I didn’t have to take one of my face if I didn’t want too. After walking away from the counter and just talking to her 5 mins before I tried calling her back and she had blocked my number. She did mention they had a system that my profile would pop up so she knew it was me calling. I called them from another phone number to confront her she answered and literally laughed! There seriously sick people out here stealing and taking the LAST of peoples money and LAUGHING like we don’t have bills or children to take care of. I’m so disgusted. Be careful and hopefully they get caught. I did also notice towards the end of everything tjat this crystal girl was playing as two woman crystal and jasmine.



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