Impostor- Kroger Survey Evaluation

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Angela –

Victim Location 45230

Type of a scam Employment

My husband received an email last week (week of April 3, 2017) it said it was from Kroger, and he ran his mouse over it and it came up as Kroger (if you hover over where it says click here, it came up with the Kroger website). It looked legit as we have been secret shoppers other places. It was an email that said that Kroger Co. was looking for secret shoppers, and if interested, give them name and address, and they would send you the information, and you would get so much money to see cleanliness and friendliness. We responded to the email with our name and address, and they sent a check in the mail $2870.50 and we each got one so there’s two of them. There are instructions with check, we are to go and cash the check, email back for confirmation, we need confirmatio that you received said package, then send confirmation to [email protected], keep the instructions inside the package and go for the shopping, doesn’t want any one know. The first day evaluating any Kroger or Walmart in city, deposit check and cash, cashier covers $150 per survey two surveys $300, but don’t spend more than $100 at any Kroger or Walmart. You are supposed to take note of service. Second survey evaluate any two money grams services send to two different $1200 each to Buanmi Roberts 5406 Botany Ln Houston, TX 77048 and Deolu Ralphel at the same address. Either send email to gmail or text to 401-234-2272 for confirmation of receipt. 



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