Impostor- IRS

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Chase –

Victim Location 77074

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a phone call, I did not answer, it went to the voicemail and they left me a message saying they were the IRS and they were processing a warrant form my arrest, and I needed more information to call them at 9083720947. However they called me from a different number:9083720997.

Katherine –

Victim Location 77407

Type of a scam Tax Collection

The message did not. Leave a clearly understood phone number. That said there was a serious matter reported about me. I needed to contact them ASAP. Then the not clear phone number. I pushed the call button from my phone message. The man that answered did not speak clearly. He finally got the message across that I did not pay my taxes correctly. He said I was being brought up on legal charges for fraud. He said I would need to appear before the federal court in Washington. D. C. Or he could help me with the problem. I told him i wanted written information about this charge and I would be seeing a lawyer. He then hung up on me. (He did answer the phone saying they were the IRS,)

Nathan –

Victim Location 77498

Type of a scam Tax Collection

The scammer is a person’s voice recording saying "You are being sued by the IRS and must call back immediately".

Just for fun I called the number back (323) 741-3089 but it’s a busy signal. I hope people know that if the federal government were suing us, we would receive something in writing, not a voice mail. This scammer has called me 3 times and I finally blocked the number and will now report all future calls to the BBB.

Barbara –

Victim Location 77375

Type of a scam Tax Collection

First indication they did not know my complete name. Said they were the IRS and had sent me two certified letters to notify me that they were freezing my bank account, etc.. For tax evasion. That my lack of response to their letters and now stating I had no idea what they were talking about was an admission of guilt so be warned I’d be arrested and everything seize in the next few hours by law enforcement. See me in court with my attorney and when I asked when I said ok I guess I’ll wait for all of this and then maybe I’d know what they were talking about he hung up. This was my second call to from the both times the person was of Asian decent it sounded based on the accent they had.

Deanna –

Victim Location 79416

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a phone call from someone saying they were with the IRS and I owed money. They said if I did not pay today they would have me arrested.

Krystal –

Victim Location 77523

Type of a scam Tax Collection

They call me all thru the day and tell me I owe them money and I have two hours to pay or they will come to my job and arrest me. Then when I question them about why I owe they curse me out. They call me days on end and then stop for a while and then start again. They call all thru the day and up to nine ,ten o’clock.

Eugene –

Victim Location 78537

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received different calls from 2 different numbers claiming they were from the IRS. The first one 850-602-9597 said there was an error on my tax return and I needed to call to get it fixed. The 2nd call # 202-754-8179 said he was calling from the IRS Legal Dept. and there was a Criminal Lawsuit filed against me.

Kristin –

Victim Location 77354

Type of a scam Tax Collection

they called and left a message on my phone stating they were the IRS and were suing me and I had to return their call immediately.

Brett –

Victim Location 78580

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received 3 calls from 2 different numbers. They left me a message saying that there is a warrant for my arrest due to taxes owed from 2010-2014 for the amount of 4752.00 with case #. I told person that I would let my husband call the IRS and they hung up. Then 2nd call they said I owed taxes from 2009-2014 how did I want to pay. He said if it wasn’t taken care of I would be arrested, and they mentioned that our conversation is being recorded. I told him I was not paying with credit card then he said he couldn’t help me. I told him I would take my chance in court and hung up. Then on 3rd call they said I owed taxes for year 2009-2015 for amount of 4752.00. The numbers that I received calls from were 202.394.3519 & 202.322.4335 . My sister told me today she received call from the IRS as well. I’m reporting this because maybe someone vulnerable may fall for this. Thank you!



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