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Mallory –

Victim Location 75023

Type of a scam Employment

I had applied to this corporation for a job so when I received the text I was not too surprised. Plus on their website they mention that because they are a technology company they had a different way of interviewing that made it easier and more convenient. So when they asked me to interview through Google Hangout I was surprised but thought it possible. Next they asked me to type/chat several interview answers. Then they had me wait and told me I was selected! They asked if I would like to sign up for auto deposit and which bank I used. Unfortunately, with doubts in my mind I gave it to them. Next they sent me the offer letter and a W-4 form to fill out and send back. This is when I emailed them and asked for a number I could call to confirm. They sent me some email stating they received my email and I would be corresponding through BOXBE email service. They are trying to contact me now for my initial training with my supervisor. They have told me I can start right away and that they will be sending a check to be used at a vendor they use immediately. I don’t know what to say to them now, but after calling the SYNNEX corporation I have found that this is a scam! Should I alert my bank? I did NOT fill out the W-4 with my SS# that goodness. I want to get more information from them so I can give it to the authorities whom ever that may be and I want them to know that I am on to their scam I guess.



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