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Cynthia –

Victim Location 60657

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Tech Support

A year and half ago, I clicked on a link that "gave me a virus" and I was instructed to call the number to get rid of it. I did so, and ended up paying $400 for a four-year virus protection plan. After avoiding the company’s calls for a year and a half, I picked up their call yesterday. I foolishly gave them access to my computer once again. The man was telling me a Zeus hacker had gotten into my computer a week ago and they could get rid of it and defend me from future hackers, for a two-year plan of $499.99. As he was pulling up the payment page, I googled the website he brought me to and the top results all were warnings of the scam. I questioned him ardently and he brushed it off, pulling up PC Experts on BBB, which I knew was not his company. Ultimately, I did not pay him the second time, and when I told him to cease control of my computer, he hung up and pulled up a full-screen "FBI Warning" that said I had been accessing child pornography and other horrid things, and I was being fined $200. If I didn’t pay the fine, the bogus ad said, I would be arrested within the next 72 hours. I brought my computer to a tech store where my hard drive was restored.

The name of the man who did this is Jay Atkinson (an alias, I’m sure), and he gave me a toll-free number of 1(800)701-2953 ext. 118. Their fear-based tactics are abominable. I’m upset about the money I lost, but am mostly glad I don’t have to deal with the company again.



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