Imposter of Government Agency or

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Andrea –

Victim Location 06108

Type of a scam Phishing

He said his name was James Lee That he worked for The Government and told me later that he’s calling from the, he said that I my name was being investigated for Money laundering and asked me the last 4 digits of my social, then proceeds to tell me to put my money into a Google account because within 24 hours I’m going to have my Social security number and my bank accounts seize until I appeared in court, that’s when I told him I’ve never been in the state or Texas or any of those southern states that he tried to say i committed a crime and i don’t make enough to launder any money, then again he asked me to put the money i have into a Google account or a cash app and i told him that i don’t touch those accounts nor do i deal with credit cards and that i didn’t care about being approached by government officials because i didn’t commit any crimes so they’ll be speaking with my lawyer, that’s when he hung up.



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