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Samantha –

Victim Location 94607

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Two women by the names of Neomai Fisiiahi and Lily Ventura tried to gain entry into my home claiming they were Insurance agents for Kemper Life. They presented refund checks for my ex mother-in-law who is 92 years old has never lived at my address and has not been my mother in law law for twelve years now due to divorce. Instead of mailing a letter and/ or check for my ex mother in law to my address they came to my front door to hand deliver the checks. Unfortunately, by leaning and rocking back and forth on the porch stair railing, Neomai completely broke the stair railing. Of course I was irate and demanded she give me her contact information.

The 1-888 office number on her and Lily’s business card is not a real business or office number. The phone is never answered and there is no voicemail message stating who they are. The phone rings a couple of times and immediately beeps for one to leave a message. The website on their business card is essentially non operative, copyrighted in 2016, and is not a secure website. Their office address or names is not on the website. Both of them are not listed as agents on their business cards. In fact, Neomai is listed as a sales manager on her card and Lily has no title on hers.

The street address listed on their cards is also fishy because right above the address it says San Francisco, but the address is in Richmond, Ca which is clearly not San Francisco. And the Richmond address just so happens to be in the same building as my lawyer’s office. After Neomai broke my railing she called someone on the phone saying it was her boss, Joseph Headad. She told me to call Headad at the 1-888 number and that he would call me back. Again, the number was not a legitimate business number and I never received a call back.

The Richmond address listed on their business cards show up on Google under the name of United Insurance Co of America and has a (510) number listed to it. When that number is dialed, it does the exact same thing as the 1-888 number.

I asked to see the checks they had for my ex mother in law. The check’s letterhead had my ex mother in law’s name with my address under it as if My ex mother in law was the one making the payment to her own self.

As for my stair railing, Lily called the police so we can make a report, however, the two women left before the police arrived because they were tired of waiting. Before leaving, Neomai told me her husband was a contractor and that she would have him fix it. I gave her my contact information and she assured me that she would contact me. She never did.

I am 67 years old and I believe this was a scam. Nothing about this was legitimate and it does not parallel with the way Insurance companies conduct business. They even tried to sell me a life insurance policy in the end right before they left prior to the police coming.



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