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Nathan –

Victim Location 29615

Total money lost $490

Type of a scam Tech Support

I called the Apple help line for assistance for my computer repair. ITKarma took this call. They remotely fixed my computer at a price of $490 which included a 5 year service warranty on any of my devices. Six weeks later, I received a call that the business was closing down and they wanted to refund my money. I placed the charges on a credit card. They said that didn’t go through and eventually they got into my on line banking. When the refund failed, I immediately went to my bank. I suspected fraud and reported this and changed all my accounts. I have received several calls from various individuals with various phone numbers claiming they wanted to refund my money. I learned after talking to the last individual that once they gave the refund, they were going to retrieve the software on my computer. This was not disclosed. I have taken my computer to Best Buy for additional protection at an additional cost. I do not know how my call to Apple ended up with these people, but I feel this company is fraudulent and are seeking personal information. I have reported them to the legal department at *** ***, Legal Shield, and the Federal Trade Commission. Today, I received a call from the initial contact person who wanted me to “get in front on my computer” so she can check it. I absolutely refused. Please do not deal with these people!



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