Imposter Bank of the West Credit Card Services

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Douglas –

Victim Location 94022

Type of a scam Credit Cards

The scammer called me using a phone number from the same city. Upon answering I got an automated message claiming to be from the bank regarding lowering my interest rates on my credit card. The message was close to the following "Hi, this is an important call regarding your credit card. After multiple attempts to reach you, this is your last chance to lower your credit card interests." Then I got someone on the phone who was claiming to be from the bank giving me detailed information about the offer, smoothing things up like "you have been a good payer over the past 8 months so now you qualify for getting lower interests rate on your card […] I just need your credit card number".

Then he asked for the type, digits and expiration date. When I asked why he said for verification purpose. He asked me the same questions as my bank usually does, therefore so far it felt very convincing. But then he started to ask me details about my credit card, and my debit card. Which was confusing as he should have this information already.



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