imposter – Apple i tunes

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Emily –

Victim Location 54143

Total money lost $425

Type of a scam Other

I had unauthorized purchases on my account from Apple I tunes and so I looked up their number on the website and called them and they acted like Apple I tunes people and they told me since this is the second time it happened they needed me to go get Apple I tune cards. They wanted me to go get a $100.00 so it could’ve block my I tunes account. Then they wanted me to go get 2 $100.00 cards. I told them I don’t have that kind of money. They asked what I could do and I said I could do 2 $50.00 cards and he told me the 2 cards would block the 10 devices that were being hacked! I told them we only have 4 devices. But they were very convincing and had stated that all of the money would be refunded into my account. The guy said he was working on it and when I never heard back I called them back again and they stated the guy left for the day to call back. I called back and someone stated that it got cancelled since the guy didn’t finish it so I would have to do it all over and get the same amount in the Apple I tunes. They take the code from them and then keep asking you to get more in order to refund you and stop the fraud! I spent $425 on cards and told them that was enough I don’t have anymore money and they told me if I didn’t get more cards I won’t be refunded my money and the money spent would go to a charity! The names that were given to me are a Allan Watson he was a manager and the representatives name was Danny and the other representatives name was Harry. The number they gave me was 1-866-326-0666 extension numbers 114, 1059. Never got my money back! Made a police report and finally called the real Apple I tunes People and they stated they never ask people to go get I tune cards. Please be very careful!



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