Imitator of Wells Fargo

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Nancy –

Victim Location 85713

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I had been receiving random calls from different unknown numbers through out my day on August 9, 2018. Then a voicemail came up and the man leaving it stated that he was a processor, he used very rude and intimidating tones and verbiage and left a number to make contact with the so called people I owed money to. I called the number and a male answered the phone, he was even more rude then the voicemail I had received, he stated that e was trying to collect a debt I owed for over draft fees with a Wells Fargo account from 10 years ago, that the amount was originally for $600 and it had now matured to be three times that amount due immediately. Then gave me an old address I never confirmed and told me the last four digits of my social that scared me because I have had my identity stolen before. I knew however that I never had a Wells Fargo account so I went to Wells Fargo they verified it was a scam and assured me they never handle debt that way even if I had been a customer previous. I then Googled the numbers and information i was given and found on numerous forums online that it was in fact a scam and the numbers I was called from and given are used to lure people into believing they owe debt and face legal action so the hope is that they will get immediate payment.



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