Image Revive and Face Replen

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Kurt –

Total money lost $143.31

Type of a scam Online Purchase

they offered my girlfriend a free trial of their product she just had to pay shipping and handling. after a couple weeks she noticed 143.31 was also taken out of her account. she called up there customer service and they told her that they couldn’t do anything because she didn’t cancel within 18 days that was march 8. I then called them up on march 17 and they said that they could do a 50% refund on the one product and that they were gonna try to charge another 141.31 for a second product tomorrow a product they sent at the same time as the one ordered. they said they wouldn’t try charging if I mailed back both products and they received them within 30 days. I believe this is bad business and they need to be more upfront with the terms and policies before sending products to consumers. I also had my mother get hit by the same scam but I managed to get her money back by threatening them with the ScamPulse.coms. I know that these two people are not the only victims of this and something has to be done to stop companies from conducting shady business deals like this and scamming people out of there hard earned money. I wouldn’t have wrote this if they would have sent paper copies with the products or an e-mail outlining the terms and conditions. instead they waited until they already took the money and had their customer service give me a website address over the phone and a RMA number. information that was not provided to my girlfriend or my mother. I’m sure once people start investigating this company they will find a lot more victims who have just bit the bullet or thought there was nothing they could do to get their money back.



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