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Juan –

Victim Location 53718

Type of a scam Phishing

I woke up to an email with an attachment indicating I’ve won the Illinois lottery with a pool of $800,000! It would be nice if that were the case, but I don’t gamble and haven’t bought a lottery card, gambled online before, and the attachment letter was not explicitly directed to me – just a generic email account holder. So, I decided to not respond to the mail directly, but to investigate where this attachment came from and report it to entities that address and inform the public for the purpose of preventing this for others in the future.

The following points indicate to me that this is a phishing / scam / malicious email:

– I do not live in Illinois

– I have not entered any site, purchased a ticket for, or signed up for any gambling or lottery information pertaining to the state of Illinois

– The registered address for the domain of the sender is from KY, not IL

– The phone number on the registered address for the domain does not match the street address for the registered domain (also not IL)

– The phone number for the attachment lists an Illinois Lottery agent from… South Africa

– There are grammatical errors in the email attachment.



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