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Adriana –

Victim Location 78748

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I went in for a free consult on 12/8/2018. I had been texting one of the ladies about laser hair removal and had mentioned lip fillers. I was going into my consult thinking I was getting information about laser hair, but instead discussed lip fillers with a sales agent. This woman is very good with scamming people because while I was reading/filling out paperwork she starts asking me questions about my job and how much I make (to apply for financing, which I had no idea she was doing). So she prints off these papers and goes off numbers and what not and I’m thinking ok this is doable WHEN I come back to actually get this started. Never once did I sit in that chair or walk out that building knowing I had “locked” myself into a loan agreement when it was just a consult, information about the procedure, and prices. WRONG!

I actually went to get another opinion because something just didn’t feel right, and the person I went to actually gave me a CONSULT. No financing or signing anything, AND said I needed 1 syringe versus the 4 Ideal Image told me.

Thinking I had options and didn’t already have a payment plan set up for something I wasn’t sure about, I happen to open this “info” folder from them on 12/21/2018 and see it says loan agreement. I email Tiffany and she said yes that is non refundable, you can just pay the minimum amount if that helps and a ‘sorry you’re having second thoughts’. I also spoke to the manager who was no help at all and basically was stating that everything was laid out very clearly (yet he wasn’t in the room and made it a point to mention that he was trying to be ‘fair’). I ended up hanging up on him because I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I called Health Credit Services to ask how to cancel the loan because I have not and will not be getting anything done with Ideal Image. The woman seemed very helpful and stated she would file a dispute and I should hear something next week. So I am hoping to hear good news because how can a business make me pay for something I will not be getting done??



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