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Timothy –

Type of a scam Employment

It’s listed a Indeed.com with job postings. The job I applied to was with Hopstones Food. The called me on a VOIP number, showed up as an Albany, Georgia number to offer me the job. When I said but you didn’t interview me and when do I meet you? Viktoria said that we don’t need to do that and we’ll send you some forms to fill out. She said I can’t hear you, the connection is bad. The email was asking for my passport/ driver license, ID and payment form. I never was given a contact number and her call was brief. She never used her last name. The email domain she used was at indeed.com. At the bottom of the ad posting, it said: easily applied.

There are now 2 additional jobs with the same: easily applied. One that really stands out is Minacs Limited because Minacs is a huge company and it is not a limited. They try to create an image that they are that Minacs which people know.

Hopstone Foods has a website and also in the job description it all appears that they trade: export to canada and they have a local office. I was never given the local address but their HQ is in Ukraine.



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