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Steve –

Victim Location 53597

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I emailed with interest in a vehicle that the dealership had listed on truecar.com. The contact person sent very concise emails, half of which had no signature line, all of which had poor grammar, and none of which replied in-line with previous responses. I told the person that I would be down to see the car in 4 days and that I would call to see if it was still available before I did. The next day, the person contacted me without using my correct name and asked for my phone number, which I declined. He asked if I would pay cash or finance. I said cash. He then asked for a "small deposit". I asked why. He said it was "just a small commitment untiI arrived". I asked why I would leave a deposit again. He said I didn’t have to give him one, but some out of state customers do. I asked why I would leave a deposit a third time and told him I would look him up on Yelp and BBB. He said I didn’t have to do a deposit. When I checked ScamPulse.com I couldn’t find the dealership. When I checked Yelp, I found someone from January of this year that had been from out of state, given a deposit, arrived to find that the car had sold the night prior without anyone notifying him or refunding the deposit. When I sent this information to Gus, he stated that the deposit locks in the price, and does not hold the vehicle. I reminded him that we hadn’t discussed a price yet, and that he hadn’t told me what the deposit did despite my asking three times. I asked him to delete my email and that I would report him, and he started telling me how he had done nothing wrong. I asked a third time for him to delete my email. I have included a transcript of today’s emails for consideration.



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