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Jorge –

Victim Location 75024

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Looking for a puppy, a search pulled up " ". An inquiry by us generated a phone call from him. A Nigerian-sounding guy named "Jalan Sanne" (an Internet lookup pulls up nothing) tells us to send $800 for two Pomeranians to be sent on an airplane! He gave an address of 280 E Pilot Rd, Suite 200, Las Vegas NV (an Internet lookup of pulls up an office space is currently vacant). His texts and calls come from 915 308 7593 (an Internet lookup gives an El Paso number with another person’s name), yet he says he does business from Las Vegas. His web site has no contact information, and is a " dot us" (not common for someone in business for "20 years as he claims). His email is " [email protected] ." He wanted money wired to him via Western Unior or MoneyGram and had no other method of payment. When asked why we should trust him, he spouted off his "religion" as "proof" he would be "honest." We said: "good bye."



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