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Drew – Aug 21, 2020

Victim Location 83333

Total money lost $58

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Shipping Scam – I purchased a doll online. Paid via Paypal. After 3 weeks my order showed it was still pending and not shipped, I emailed the seller to get an update. The seller’s email was likely also fake…I received nothing from the seller. I contacted Paypal and the seller simply said they shipped the item and I needed to close the despute. I then esculated the issue to Paypal – the seller then provided the tracking number that showed the item was delivered to my town with no information as to the name or street address. Apparently this was enough for Paypal to side with the scammer and closed my despute. I contacted UPS and they confirmed the tracking number was to MY town BUT was not sent to me or my street address, but due to privacy concerns they would NOT provide me the details. After 3 tries Paypal continues to enable scammers. It is now with my bank…but unless the bank require all shipping details and does not just take Paypals word…this won’t be resolved.



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