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Kelly – Jul 07, 2020

Over $1,000 for a package that’s $340
This is where it started going down hill

Hey we at the mail rn with your package. The package is on hold for shipping. the said because of this the various protests, NJ boarder is [censored]ed up with cops to check the content package entering NJ. Firstly insurance fee is needed for the package. the reason for insurance fee is if any damage happen to the package cause by the mail u will be compensate 100% .Secondly restriction stamp when it’s put on your package no custom has the right to check the content in the package except u the owner. Both fee are $350. Note this fee is just for the safety of your package and it will be refunded at the time the mail agent is about to deliver to your address. it’s just a guarantee your package is safe both from the cops and damage. NOTE THESE FEES ARE REFUNDABLE AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY .it’s just use for the safety of your package and sorry we don’t inform u on this, it’s because the mail also didn’t inform our company also like we could have let you know before u order. thanks

Then this …
Hey your package is moving tracking number will not be given because it’s discreet shipping. Do be looking forward in having your package. Shipping takes 48hrs…
Hey . U gonna have your package today or tomorrow. I’m sure it will reach nj today…

Then to top the cake off…

This is USPS. Your package is near your boarder rn and the restriction stamp can’t help because the customs/Cops are using dogs and x-Ray machine on packages so the package can’t go thru the boarder.We got your money for the Restriction stamp already to refund. But we wanna tell u,we got one guy he is a professional in smuggling packaging across boarder which the cops can’t trace and bring straight to your doorstep but he is demanding we pay him . He said he need $400 so he do the service. He can smuggling across boarder and bring straight to your address with no stress. you will work with the guy or not or we should go through the custom so the check the package which is very risky and we don’t even do that because if the package is cut it gonna implicate our company. . Your package contains illegal content u know the consequence if the package is cut . We trying to do our best for you. So tell us your feedback immediately because we about reaching the boarder.But we will prefer you use the guy because you know the rules and regulations In New Jersey concerning illegal content’s. Get to us asap…

They just keep asking for more money not worth it just Hope this helps somebody save money and not get got by this site OFFICIALLY A BOOTLEG SITE

Angelica – Jul 07, 2020

Bootleg site they rush and rush you then nothing is sent just keep asking for more money and more money makes no sense.

Kristina – Jul 06, 2020

Bad bad bad, they rushed me to complete the order and wanted to send funds via cashapp. I paid them then hours later got a long message about police opening mail an I needed to pay additional $300 for some super shipping I’ve been asking for a refund for WEEEKS now with all means of communication being unanswered from their site. This is the most shady sales I’ve ever seen they claim money back guarantee which is false.

Alan – May 30, 2020

– I’ve been ordering from Greensite Market for some time now (7 months) and I sense a growing confidence with every order I receive and also their sense of integrity. I’ve benefited from client privileges like discounts and fidelity cuts which have further boosted my trust in this site.

Frederick – May 22, 2020

Victim Location 07050

Total money lost $520

Type of a scam Phishing

I didn’t receive anything. When they told me they wanted more money for shipping and at first they said shipping was included. That’s when I contacted you guys

Laura – May 30, 2020

Maybe u don’t follow the rules. I hav been ordering from Greensite Market 4 months Back. There are amazing. I hav never experienced bs for their service and my package arrived on time as always



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