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Derek – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 47401

Total money lost $185

Type of a scam Online Purchase

BEWARE of a company named "Green Labs", also doing business as "Puregreenslab". They sell CBD oil, and they are complete SCAMMERS. I responded to a promotional email and ordered a "free sample", for which I agreed to pay $4.98 in shipping costs. They sent me the sample, plus some CBD face cream I didn’t order, and charged my card twice, using two different names, once for $4.98 and once of $4.95. After not getting a response from their customer service phone and email, I disputed the charges with my credit card. Less than two weeks later they hit my card again, same two company names, once for $84.92, and once for $94.92. This time I hadn’t even ordered anything. I disputed the charges again, and voided my card on the advice of the Dispute Center.

The attachment is an "order confirmation" from this company, for an order I did not place, which resulted in the second round of charges to my credit card. I contacted their CS number immediately upon receipt of this message, and spoke with a person named "Kevin" at a call center in Sri Lanka. Kevin had great difficulty trying to cancel my order. After multiple attempts over 20 minutes, he told me he had successfully cancelled my order, but could not provide a cancellation #. The charge listed in the "order confirmation", $84.92, hit my credit card three days later. On the same date another charge, for $94.92, was also made to my credit card. Both originated from this company, though they were made using different company names.

Benjamin – May 18, 2020

Victim Location 43130

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

It was advertising a free 14 day trial with CBD oil, just pay shipping. You can cancel anytime and if you don’t want the subscription after the 14 day free trial, contact them at the email address the provided and cancel. I made sure I wrote the day the trial ended, the email/website to cancel, and the name of business. I don’t think I needed anything else. Well I tried getting ahold of them and who I got ahold of, said they’ve had multiple complaints about this and that the true company doesn’t offer free trials or one one of the products I ordered. So I don’t know how to stop them from charging my card again if I can’t get ahold of anyone to stop it.



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