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Jesse – Jun 25, 2020

Victim Location 10314

Total money lost $107.30

Type of a scam COVID-19

I had canceled taxi reservation for July made through this app GetTransfer due to covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions my travel plans were affected and canceled the refund policy for this service is cancellation 48 hours prior to reservation date their clause:

4.2. The Company undertakes to return to the User the funds transferred to the Company as full or partial pre-payment in the following cases:

(A) the User cancels the Transfer or changes its essential terms before the expiration of the cancellation deadline set during the agreeing of the Transfer conditions (this period ends no later than 48 hours before the agreed pick-up time);

My reservations were canceled prior to July and I was told via phone I woke receive my Full refund To initial payment method if I email request to

[email protected] After I emailed they confirmed they would issue refund but only as a credit voucher for future use which is opposite to what I was promised and to what their cancellation states they gave me a hard time and refused my refund after research I have seen many victims have experience same situation. I called again there is no manager supervisor to speak with only a rude unprofessional representative Who was laughing and speaking over me to send an email that they can’t do anything over the phone. This app/ service needs to be stopped and taken down.



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