Georgia Power Company Name Spoofing

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Lindsay – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 30052

Type of a scam Phishing

A person called on my cell and said that we were overdue two monthes on our Georgia Power Company Electric Bill and if we did not click one, our electricity would be turned off that day. We hung up.

Daisy –

Victim Location 30022

Type of a scam Utility

Callers claimed to be Georgia Power. Alleged that power would be turned off if a cash deposit was not paid to re-establish service.

They said that the auto-pay had been cancelled by the accountholder, thus making the account delinquent. The elaborate team of

callers then directed payment by special bitcoin machine at a Valero gas station. It was quite absurd and well-planned out. Fortunately,

the transaction was terminated in time.

Nikki –

Victim Location 30329

Type of a scam Utility

Received a call on our main line that it was Georgia Power and that our power was going to be cut off in 30 minutes but that I could call 888-886-4332 and give them case # 2379C002 when I talked to Customer Service. They would clear up the account. Of course, our bills have been paid on time for years and we checked that all checks had cleared. I called the # and it almost sounded real – but not exactly. And the # was of course not the customer service # listed on the GA Power website. Someone answered and I told them that I was reporting them to the and hung up. I have also sent an email to GA Power advising them and they really should send out something to customers about the scam.



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