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Latasha – Jun 23, 2020

Victim Location 30901

Type of a scam Charity

I had a caller at my work office today,that said he was calling for the Georgia Police. He was asking for donations to help the officers in Georgia and asked if I could donate $15.00 to the cause. I told him yes.I also asked if he was a real person and he waited a few seconds then said he could not answer any questions. He said he would transfer me to someone to get my information. It sounded like a young woman, she asked me how much did I say i would donate and would I donate 100% of that amount. I said yes, but she asked if it would be using Visa,American Express or Mastercard. I asked her had we ever donated to them before and she could not answer. At that point,I told her to send me the paper work to fill out,and she said they really needed to collect the money so they could hurry and help the Police. I told her to send the papers to our P.O. Box but she never responded and I held on for about 3minutes. In all I was on the phone for over 8 minutes.I felt like this was a scam so I called the BBB.



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